Too many young people ”end up” in situations they do not really want to be in. Because they think it’s the way it should be, that it´s what´s expected, because they do not have the courage to tell what they want and what they do not want. Adults around are often not aware of, do not have or take the time to grasp or simply do not know how to handle.

Perhaps you have wondered if we with relatively modest means could create platforms to raise the self-esteem and how it could be done?

To give young people tools to deal with peer pressure and many times an incomprehensible world 36 young people and a group of dedicated educators with school staff created ”You decide – a method of health guidance” based on young people’s own ideas about health and what they can do to improve it, supported by the county and municipality. The young people involved in sex sessions, three in group and three individually between for personal goals. The method is mainly rooted in Bandura’s ”self-efficacy” concept. Young people reach the good results on partially completely different paths. The key seems to be that young people develop their own understanding of what promotes health and that it´s made so attractive that all young who participate do so voluntarily.

Method Program ”You decide” is unlicensed, based on students’ individual needs, constantly evaluated by students involved in different countries. The results show that participants have:

– Higher self-esteem
– Better control of their lives
– More health promotion activities
– Gained access to a strategy they can use on a daily basis

Besides the motivation method, I have added a physical part to smuggle students with needs in activities.

You will get a manual to be able to start right away or as a good base to take it to a level to introduce it in your school / in your organization. Depending on your starting point, I can offer a follow up or two if needed. Paying do based on ability. To usurp the tools to give young people a workable strategy should never be a question of cost. Surpluses are reinvested in the business and in the Gallery Duerrs exhibitions that works to provide role models and exposes issues that in one way or another affect young people.

For those of you who feel that you have use for this method in your work, leads others working with young or are involved in making decisions that most affect young people.

Voices of the method
”The best thing was to belong to the group, knowing that I´m not alone feeling this way. Today I eat more regularly, more healthy, are more often in school, perform better on tests and practice in the sparetime.” / / Secondary Student who had not been in school sports for the last 4 years

”First time I’ve seen this girl smiling” / / Mentor to student at secondary school

”I really have no budget or time for this, but these students will cost money as stated in this report by national economic Ingvar Nilsson, if we don´t grab it now and I can already see positive results from our pilot group” / / Headmaster at secondary school

”It was not really our financial responsibility to be paying activities at school but I think we need to work together more in school time if we want to reach these students” / / Culture & Leisure Manager

”Good method, I really had no time to sit in the pilot group, but these tools I can use with more pupils” / / School Nurse at secondary school

”A visual application that is easy to understand” / / School Health

”This should be in all schools” / / Director Education

”‘Can you clone yourself” ”/ Chairman social welfare (during the week of Almedalen 2011)

”Can´t you come to our job and talk, we have a total chaos.” / / Parent who works in goverment health care

With the new curriculum / school law, schools are nowadays required to work more proactively with student health. To achieve good results, it is important that the right conditions are given in this work.

Get in touch if you need:
– a lecture about this method and how to deal with these students
– to educate your staff in this method
– to start a group in your school
– to get a personal strategy to create and reach your health


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