Lotte Johansson

In Swedish

The foundation is good research. Whether it´s about storytelling portraits, film, blog, picture assignment, speeches, educate, communication or making events. It´s all about build an interesting and credible image. Moderating as well and of the facilitatitor´s at PLANKET STHLM – Swedens biggest outside exhibition for photography.

This Slideshow tell moore about me than a 1000 word.




My best sides:

  • agil
  • new ideas
  • new angles
  • capture interest
  • get close
  • research
  • motivate
  • inspire
  • interactivate

My listening skills, communication in both speech and writing and my coaching qualities makes me appreciated both as a writer, photographer, director and lecturer.The best thing abut writing, photographing and lecture is that I always get to meet new people and learn something new. Making less interesting topics interesting, that´s art and I do handle that.

Moore pieces of my work:

  • Open Space regardless of position, from idea to action.
  • Projectleader/ Storyteller Galleri Duerr.
  • Children´s museum of art. Initiator / Chairman. Produced exhibitions / workshops at World Congress in child psychiatry with Astrid Lindgren’s Hospital, Water Festival with SOS Children’s Villages, School Expo with Future School, Culture trolley with SJ.
  • Created the pilot service resource in the sport at Gustavsbergs upper school where, among other things, curricular activities got young people to leave the bench.
  • Projectleader Korpen Värmdö Drive in idrott
  • Introduced Blackminton at Lillsveds sports teacher education.
  • Lecture political week in Almedalen – Strategies for youth health.
  • Trained in young people’s own motivate methodprogram
  • Member of Stockholm-Fryshuset Rotary club

Film Production

  •  I dina händer (In your hands) – to affirm students creative sides in school.
  • I have a dream – followed freely and deep interviews among 100 prisoners and staff.
  • Våra farligaste medborgare (Our most dangerous citizens) – how prison can be a turning point (SVT Documents Inside, Marianne Spanner / Johan Brånstad).
  • Commercials for Save the Children, information and training films for SJ StationTV and KF.

Traditional CV
How to reach my peak?


Solutions – focused?


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